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Whose icons?

mine apparently.

Whose Icons?
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Those would be mine. fribbled. Hiya. How you doing. So I'm guessing you got here... Well, I don't know how you got here, really. Don't much care either. POINT IS you're here now, and I'm assuming you're here for some free and delicious pixelly goodness. ...Which begs the question why you're here of all places. Seriously. There are quality things elsewhere. Ask. I'll tell you.

Still here, huh? Fine. I warned you - don't say I didn't. I mostly make icons for roleplaying purposes, but I'll do other random things that tickle my fancy too. There's a few wallpapers, banners, FSTs, things like that. Everything's unlocked and open for everyone to see, but there are some things to keep in mind, though:

- Credit goes to fribbled @ whoseicons. C'mon, folks.
- If I say a batch of icons is FOR a specific someone, please ask THEM before taking any. I like making presents for people, and it defeats the purpose of making those people feel special if EVERYONE'S using them.
- I'm always, always, ALWAYS open for requests, just drop a line in any entry saying what you want.
- ...Please join or watch if you like my stuff? It makes me all fuzzy inside.

hirecent entries.